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Who are we?

Quite simply, we are an online blogging site that is dedicated to castles in Angus.

What do we do?

We write blogs about castles in the Angus region of Scotland!

Why should you read?

If you love beautiful old buildings, local history or are just looking for an amazing place to hold your next event, we are the people to follow.

We have information on the whole of Angus and the castles you can enjoy there. If you are looking for a stunning castle ruin as a backdrop for wedding photos, landscape artistry, or just somewhere to visit while out hiking, we have information that might help you get the most out of your visit to the area.

Are you planning your wedding and would like an amazing venue for your reception? We can help with that too. Some of the castles in the region are open as hotels, so you can even spend your wedding night in a stunning location like Turin Castle.

A taste of history

History! Perhaps the biggest reason people love to visit castles is that they have such a rich and varied past. Many of the castles in Angus (and the surrounding areas) have histories that date back hundreds of years, some to medieval times.

Almost all have links to kings and queens in times gone by. Some have bloodied pasts, and some have very recent royal connections, such as Glamis Castle, the childhood home of the Queen Mother, and also the birthplace of Queen Elizabeth II’s sister, Princess Margaret. Can you imagine staying in a bedroom that may once have been slept in by royalty?


If you want advice on booking one of these amazing locations for your event, we can help you. We will also be posting about upcoming special deals that might be offered by the various castles and other venues in the area, so we may even be able to help you save a little money on your visit.

If you are planning a corporate event, you need to make sure you can cater to a wide variety of demands that your guests might have, such as allergens advice on the local catering services.

Do research on the activities available for team building exercises and also accessibility options for those in your party who may have additional needs. Read our guides; they are sure to answer all of your questions.