In so many cases, when people consider hiring a castle for their event, they do not consider if it is suitable for anything other than a wedding, but there is so much more scope for other events to be held. One option is for you to hold a corporate event here. Why not consider renting the castle to host a team-building event or conference? Attendees are not limited to workshops during the day as the space will also be able to host evening entertainment. Why not consider having an award-winning UK casino evening as part of the event? Your staff will be able to relaxRead More →

Corporate events are becoming increasingly popular as organisations promote team building and host conferences to promote products and services. Training events are also becoming popular, and it can help staff to bond and get to know each other if they are spending time together in the beautiful surroundings of a Scottish castle. Business conferences Business conferences can be held on all types of subjects, but when you rent a castle to host the event, it gives it a feeling of grandeur. The staff in charge of the event planning at the castle can make sure that you have the facilities you need, including whiteboards, stationery,Read More →

When it comes to planning a romantic occasion such as a wedding, the perfect location is a castle. In the Angus area of Scotland, there are a couple of castles that are perfect for the most special day of your life. Turin Castle  The castle has been available for weddings for a number of years, and there is a planning service available for those who want to hold their wedding here. There is a wedding room that can sit up to 100 guests with the option to use additional space for the reception, adding a further 120 guests. There are smaller rooms for thoseRead More →