Casino fundraisers in a castle

When it comes to events, there aren’t many that are more glamorous than a casino night, and if you decide to hold it in a castle, you take glamour to its highest possible levels. With a castle available for a range of events, if you need to hold a fundraiser, why not get in touch, and find out exactly how we can help?

Advantages of a casino night

There are so many advantages to holding a casino night. The advent of online casinos means that many more people are now familiar with the rules of games such as poker and roulette, and even those that aren’t may have tried an online slot game like the ones that can be found in the mFortune slots guide or on similar websites.

All of these are very easy to translate to a real-life fundraiser in a castle, as so many people would love to have the chance to show off their newfound skills at a land casino. The team at the castle can provide the setting, the catering and even some overnight accommodation if required.

The function rooms have all the historical features that you would expect from a castle of this age, and there is plenty of space for you to set up poker and roulette tables as well as slot machines – bringing a touch of Vegas to Angus!

Ticket sales for such events are generally very good and whatever cause you are looking to raise funds for is sure to be happy with the donation that follows. The castle’s event planner will be able to provide more details about the facilities that are available and help you to make your event a success.